On Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend the launch party for Roxy Girl’s Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Collection. The party was held at SeaLegs at the Beach in Huntington Beach and it was the perfect location to celebrate our favorite mermaid. There were different stations setup around the restaurant with fun activities, a DJ and the Roxy Girl pop-up shop.

When we checked in, we were given a cute Ariel reuseable bag filled with a few goodies! We got a copy of the new 30th anniversary Blu-Ray of The Little Mermaid, the most adorable Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers gloss, some fun Roxy stickers and of course an Ariel sticker. Is it any surprise that Little A went right in for the lip gloss?

There were 3 activity stations setup and we went straight for the paint your own seashell necklace station. (There was glitter – no stopping my girl from getting her hands on some glitter) And so begins one of the most mortifying experiences of my life. So they had these fish nets draped over the tables with paints, glitter, brushes, all the seashells laying on top of them. I actually moved the paint and glitter multiple times because they were falling over sitting on top of the net. So Little A gets done painting and we stand up to leave. Well, the net had decided to entangle itself in my foot and as I stood up, the whole net came with!! Including EVERY SINGLE THING ON THAT TABLE! Paints, brushes, water, glitter, a freakin’ frame…all in the sand. Oh my gosh! MORTIFIED! Can’t take me anywhere!

We cleaned it up as fast as possible and booked it over to the Mermaid Braid station! Each girl could choose one of 3 braid styles and got to pick out an accessory and add glitter by Unicorn Snot (have you seen this stuff? It’s glitter hair gel. Gross name, but its so awesome) We then went over to make a Message in a Bottle. They had cute paper and plastic bottles where you could put your message. Of course baby girl wrote her daddy a message! Be still my heart!

They also had slushies and snacks and cute photo ops setup around the sand. I actually had to make Little A get out of the clam chair so other people could take pictures. She legitimately was obsessed with it!

After we were done with all the fun stuff, it was time to check out the clothes! I was super excited to see everything. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about the collection and said that it was completely understated Ariel. It honestly was perfect! I’m not a huge fan of character clothing – Little A has exactly 2 shirts with characters on them (I mean, besides Minnie, because, um, it’s MINNIE!) It’s usually too in your face for me. But the new Roxy Girl collection has touches of The Little Mermaid without being over the top. Scroll through to see all the cuteness!

We had such a great time at the party and I LOVED everything in the collection. You can shop the whole collection over on Shop Disney and right now, you can get up to 25% off with code SAVEMORE. Your welcome! We’re also going to have a cute Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Giveaway Monday over on Instagram. Come check us out!