Oh boy, here we go!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! We’re so happy you found us!

My name is Amy.  Wife to Adam and mama to Little “A”. We live in Orange County, California.  I’ve been dreaming about starting a blog for years now. But something has always held me back.  I feel like I was always too concerned about who my readers would be or if there would even be any readers????

Well, a few weeks ago I decided to let go of my fear and say “Let’s Just Do It Already!”  I am always telling Little A that she can do anything.  It’s about time I took my own advice! So, here we go!

We are a family that loves Disney! Well, let me re-phrase that.  There are 2 people in this house that LOVE Disney.  There is one person (male to remained unnamed J) that just married into the crazy.  But he’s a good sport and plays along well. Ha!

We also love to travel!  If I could be on a plane every weekend, I would.  I am always dreaming of places I’d like to go. Seriously, I don’t even have a Bucket List anymore. It’s just a paper with 1 item –  EVERYWHERE

Little A travels with us 95% of the time.  We’ve actually only left her behind 3 times.  She has logged over 34,000 flight miles in her 5 short years! I couldn’t believe it when I added it all up.  We are just a normal family that travels as much as we possibly can! And I am always ready and willing to travel more.

Traveling with kids is not always a cake walk.  There have definitely been some challenging times.  But, I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to share it with you!

So where did the AAAdventure come from you ask? (See, we’re already such good friends that I know what you are thinking) Well, we all have names that start with “A” and my mom is always asking “How are my 3 ‘A’s?”  And the line from Disney Pixar’s “Up” that says ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE is one of my favorite movie quotes!  It just reminds me that there is so much of the world that is just waiting to be discovered and experienced. And WE want to go out and find it!!

So that’s us in a nutshell. I’m exciting to find out where this new road leads.  I see it as yet another AAAdventure!

Most of all I just want to say thank you for being here and I hope that this site can inspire magical adventure in you!