Zuka Zama!  We #AAAdventured to the Discovery Cube Orange County last week to check out the Disney Junior Lion Guard exhibit! And wow, was it fun!

I’ll be honest, I went into the whole thing with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Our one and only experience at the Discovery Cube was lackluster to say the least, but I was willing to give it another chance just because Little A is super obsessed with The Lion Guard right now.

Ok, so first things first.  The Lion Guard exhibit runs until January 13, 2019. While there are no coupons for admission, I do know of 2 discounts that are available.  1st, AAA members can get $4 off per adult by downloading the coupon from AAA’s website here. 2nd, if you are a Bank of America Visa Signature card holder, the Discovery Cube is part of their Museums on Us program.  On the first full weekend of the month, cardholders can present their Visa Signature for free admission to over 150 museums nationwide. Get all the info on this awesome program here.

Now to the fun stuff. The exhibit is chock full of all sorts of interactive activities for the kids.  I was worried Little A would blow through the whole thing in 5 minutes, but there was so much to do, we spent over an hour looking around and exploring.


Right off the bat, I knew Little A would love it. Everything is hands-on and interactive.  First up, we explored the African Savannah. Little A loved showing us that she knew all the Lion Guard characters haha. She MIGHT watch this show every day!

Next, we ventured into the Shadowlands which was a fun maze of foam jungle vines, silly fun house mirrors and of course Janja and his crew of hyenas.  But don’t worry, Little A and Kion protected us.

After escaping the Shadowlands, we headed to the Pridelands.  You can help Beshtie smash boulders, design a new Bakora Staff for Rafiki and even fly with Ono!  In the center you can see if you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Lion Guard. Run fast like Fuli, balance like Bunga and most importantly, roar like Kion.  Little A thought that was so silly and was super impressed when Kion roared back.

Finally, we made our way into the Lion Guard’s Secret Lair.  This was, in my opinion, the best part of the whole exhibit.  We actually had to pull Little A out of here after 30 minutes. This is where you train to be part of the Lion Guard. Little A liked the training area and trying to see if she could run as fast as Fuli.

There was so much more to this exhibit than I can write about.  And don’t forget, you get to experience the rest of the Discovery Cube while you are there. There is so much to explore from Dinosaurs to Space to super fun experiments.  You can easily spend an entire afternoon here.  Like I said before, our 1st visit here was not the greatest, but we had a blast this time around.  We will totally be going back!

Happy Adventuring everyone!