Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend!!

** We’ve got a lot of #AAAdventure this weekend.  Taking Little A to her 1st Oktoberfest and heading off to pick some apples.  Going to be busy, but I’m OK with that (until Monday morning when I crawl out of bed and have to go to work haha)

**Went on our 1st Pumpkin Run to Trader Joe’s this week.  Little Cinderella was looking for her next coach ha! We bought all the things!  I am totally obsessed with these Pumpkin Ginger Hold The Cones mini ice cream cones.  They are the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth AND they are only 70 calories!

**Loved this post from The Healthy Mouse about Legoland Brick-or-Treat.  Have any of you ever been?  This makes me want to go so bad!  I’m not into scary Halloween stuff so this likes it’s right up my alley.

**We are gearing up for another trip in a few weeks and we will be renting a car this time which means hauling the car seat across the country.  We have had this car seat bag for a few years now and I LOVE IT! Bringing a car seat always seems like such a chore, but this one has backpack straps so even I can carry it when it’s fully loaded.  AND, we always put all the other gear we need inside the bag with the car seat.  That way we just zip it all up inside and check it with the airline for FREE!!  When Little A was a baby, we would put whole things of diapers and wipes inside! #momhack  They also have this one with wheels if that’s more your style.  Both are on sale right now!

**Life is too short to sit at home all the time!  Get out There People!! Explore. Dream. Discover.

Have a magical weekend!