Another Busy week is in the books!

**Some weeks I am so good at Meal Planning.  I’ve got everything planned out, all the groceries have been bought…Dinner Perfection!  Other weeks I’m a hot mess looking for frozen chicken nuggets in the freezer at 5:45pm. We recently tried Hello Fresh and I have to say I loved it!  Have any of you ever tried it out?  It’s cheaper than some of the other meal delivery services and everything we tried was delicious.  It’s not  a “warm it up in the microwave” kind of meal; you do still have to cook.  But it’s nice to just open a bag, get your ingredients out and start cooking.  Dinner Auto Pilot! If you want to try it out, here’s a coupon for $40 off your 1st order.

**Took Little A to her 1st Oktoberfest last weekend. She was a dancing queen! She wanted to dance all night…seriously! She cried when we told her it was time to leave haha. Except for the Chicken Dance. She did not like that at all.  Which is weird ‘cuz she’s 5 and that seems like it would be right up her alley. We were practicing for next year when we go to Munich.  Did you know they have Family Days every year during Oktoberfest?  Hoping it will be a little less crazy on a day geared towards families (crossing my fingers)

**I loved this blog post by Kate from the Small Things Blog. Great tips for covering blemishes. I also love how she’s not afraid to show herself without makeup! I’m not that brave.

**Speaking of breakouts, I found something that is going to change your life!!! My face gets very angry with me once a month and these are incredible.  You stick it on at night and it sucks all the gunk out of the blemish.  It’s no joke.  I’ve been using them for about 2 months now and they totally work. I was skeptical at first, but I am a true believer now.  Pick them up here.

** Have you heard about Disney’s #DreamBigPrincess campaign? From October 10–November 20, 2018, for each like or share of a public video or photo with #DreamBigPrincess on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Disney will donate $1 to Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s initiative supporting girls’ leadership and empowerment.  It’s all part of their Global Video Series. The series empowers the next generation of leaders by spotlighting female trailblazers as they share their stories and advice. 21 talented young women from 13 countries captured the stories of these leaders in digital shorts that will be shared across Disney’s global social media.  I am such a huge fan of this! You can read more about it here.  So share away and use the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess

Have a magical weekend!