Hooray! It’s Friday!  Here’s your weekly dose of Magic & Happy Thoughts.

**We just got back from our trip to Michigan and can I just say that FALL is absolutely STUNNING!  Being from Southern California, we literally will have 1 tree turn slightly yellow and that’s “Fall.” I have never actually seen a true Fall color change and I was so impressed. There were brilliant red trees everywhere you looked!  If you saw a crazy person snapping pictures from the car while driving down the highway, that was me haha!  I couldn’t help myself!

**Since we just got back from a long trip, I wanted to share one of my favorite things for parents.  The Azaria Le Mere backpack! This bag is my perfect bag!  It easily transitions from diaper bag to mom bag and that’s what I love about it.  If you were to see me wearing it, you wouldn’t automatically start looking for a baby somewhere. It has tons of pockets, is made of vegan leather and has a grab handle on top (something my previous diaper bag did not have – it’s a lifesaver) I use it as a toddler bag most of the time, but when we travel, it’s all mine. They also have a beautiful Chestnut, Olive, Dusty Rose and Stone. Go check it out!

**Got to visit Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI this past week. WOW! I had heard that it was the largest Christmas store in the world, but I was seriously blown away by how huge it was!  There is so much to see!  And the coolest part is that they have the most unique items I’ve ever seen.  Want a Christmas ornament from your obscure college that nobody’s heard of? Yup, they have it!  Want a Christmas Stocking that combines Christmas and Hannukah? Sure, why not! It was amazing!

**Disney Parks Blog has released their Foodie Guide for Festival of Holidays! Festival of Holidays starts November 9th at Disney’s California Adventure Park and you do not want to miss it! It’s basically food booths setup all along the main walkway through DCA and they have the most delicious food and drinks!  Also, if you’re an Annual Passport, you will be able to buy a Sip & Savor pass that includes 8 food & drink vouchers.  The price hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

**As we move out of Halloween and into Thanksgiving and Christmas, I just thought I’d share this little reminder!  While the Holidays are my favorite time of year, I know they are hard for a lot of people.  Add in the hustle and bustle of the season (and the inevitable news stories about fights over toys during Black Friday) and the Holidays can be downright harrowing for some people.  So spread JOY and LOVE this season! Be the reason someone smiles today!

Have a magical weekend!