We just recently got back from a fun-filled trip to Michigan, Adam’s home state! Adam is a life-long Detroit Lions fan so when I found out that they do Stadium Tours, I knew we had to go!  We re-arranged our schedule a bit to make it happen and I am SO glad we did!

The tour was fantastic!  We started on street level, where the old Hudson’s Department Store warehouse once stood.  Now, this California girl knows nothing about Detroit history, but apparently Hudson’s was an icon in Detroit since the 1920s.  The warehouse building was saved and and now makes up the South wall of the stadium! It houses restaurants and office space inside the stadium.  The brick paved “street” you walk down on the main level is actually made of bricks salvaged from the old Hudson’s Department Store building after it was demolished in 1998.  It was really amazing to see how they’ve incorporated this Detroit icon into the stadium

Next, we got to go into the Press Box area.  If you have to work on a Sunday, this is the place you want to be.  They treat those reporters VERY nice. Food, drinks, private bathrooms, personal TVs and phones…what a great job haha.  And the view from the seats was fantastic!

Next up were the suites!  They were definitely the nicest I’ve ever seen.  I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s an indoor stadium so everything is away from the elements.  NO metal chairs and concrete floors here!  It was all comfy leather seats and beautiful countertops.  Little A explored every inch haha

We also got to explore the MGM Grand Tunnel Club.  This is located on field level near the locker rooms.  It’s a VIP area where you can sit back, indulge in delicious food and drinks and watch the players enter and exit the field!  Like reach your hand out and get a high five close! I can tell you with 100% certainty that I will never be able to afford these seats (ha) so it was a really cool experience to be down there.

We were then taken to the both the Visitor and Lion’s locker rooms.  The visitor one was nice, but the Lion’s locker room was really special.  Adam must have taken 100 pictures in here.  The names of Lions legends are on the walls and we got to see Matt Patricia’s game day office. Adam may have sat in his chair and taken a picture!

Finally, we were taken to our last stop.  The best part! The thing we’d all been waiting for! THE FIELD!  Walking down the tunnel onto the field was so surreal.  We are a huge football loving family and seeing it in person was so fun.  Walking on the field and looking into the stands from below was unbelievable!  Adam was in football heaven!

We got to spend about 15 minutes on the field. At this point, Little A was absolutely dying to run around a bit and get the wiggles out.  So, we let her go!  She ran from end zone to end zone TWICE! haha  It was great!

The Ford Field Tour was amazing!  Definitely the best $20 we spent our whole trip.  We highly recommend you go!  It’s great for families and the perfect stop halfway through our very busy trip!  I loved learning about the stadium and how they really pay homage to Detroit and it’s people and history.  Even if you aren’t a Detroit Lions fan, stop by!  You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s some more fun pics we took! Happy Adventuring!