With Cyber Monday in full swing, I thought it would be a good time to give you some ideas for all the little princesses in your life. These are things that Little A not only LOVES, but also things that get played with over and over again! Nothing worst than buying a cute gift, just to have it sit in the corner. Hopefully, these will be some new things you’ve never seen before that you can add to your gift arsenal haha. Most of these are on sale for Cyber Monday!

Games – First up is Disney’s Enchanted Cupcake Party Game. Little A got this 2 years ago and no joke, we have played it at least once every week since she got it! It’s a really cute game, simple enough that she understood at 3, but engaging enough that she still loves it at 5. And the best part is it’s $15!

Puzzles! We love puzzles in our house. They are a great #momhack when I need to get something done. I really love Ravensburger puzzles. They are well made, but inexpensive. We started out with this princess puzzle because it only has 50 pieces, but Little A quickly moved on to the 100 piece puzzles. And while 100 pieces may seem like a lot, the pieces are large enough that she can figure it out herself. This one is one of our favs (Cuz GLITTER!) and this one is currently on sale for Cyber Monday for less than $9!

Little Cosmetics – have you ever heard of this company? I just recently discovered them on Instagram and I AM OBSESSED! Little A has always watched me get ready in the morning. She plays with my makeup brushes, asks me what I’m doing. So when I saw Little Cosmetics, I knew I had to get her some so she could “get ready” with me in the morning. It is pretend makeup that not only looks real, but it actually feels real. The powders have a textured feel, the glitter eyeshadow feels glittery and don’t get me started on the nail polish. It’s genius! It is liquid on the outer container, but when you pull out the brush, there’s nothing on it. The Signature Set is on sale right now until 10:30am Pacific for 20% off, but we also love this starter set that is under $10. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer!

Books – We have been transitioning away from reading picture books in our house. It’s a slow process getting Little A to use her imagination when we read and not just rely on the pictures, but I’ve found some really great options that would work for a small child or for a beginning reader. We started with The Princess in Black books. They are perfect for introducing chapter books to little kids. There are pictures on every page and the chapters are short so it keeps their attention. Best of all, there are 7 books in the series!

We also found the Princess Beginnings books! These are so cute. They are stories of the Disney Princesses when they were little. We have read them all – Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine and mom’s favorite, Belle! These don’t have as many pictures as the other books, but I think it’s a great way to get Little A to use her imagination more! And they are characters that she already knows and loves!

Crafts – Little A loves crafts. I seriously can’t keep enough craft supplies in our house. If you have a little artist on your hands, you must try Sticky Mosaics! This is another Mom-saver. Little A will quietly sit and finish her mosaic while I am busy cooking dinner! And she is always so proud of the end result. We also love this one and this one is amazing for travel. And again, all under $15!

So, that’s it! So many ideas for the little princess in your life and I swear they will all be loved!!

Happy Cyber Shopping!