I know, it’s a bold statement, but truly, this was the best donut I have ever eaten.  Oliboli in Tustin, CA is a donut shop unlike any I’ve ever seen. For Christmas, a sweet co-worker gave me a gift certificate to Oliboli knowing that Little A loved donuts and we lived close by.  I’m so glad he did! We love discovering new places.

Hot and fresh, there are no pre-made cases of donuts here!  Don’t expect to walk in a buy a quick dozen (although you definitely should buy a dozen!)  Donuts were being pumped out of the kitchen as the orders came in and it was delightful. With flavors like Lavendar Sugar, Meyer Lemon, Burnt Butter Bourbon Bacon and Cactus Pear choosing was SO hard.  We finally decided to get 2 each and share and take the rest home.

These were the lightest, fluffiest donuts I’ve ever eaten and I had to know what made them so amazing.  So I went a found Jon, manager and nephew to owner Brooke who is the genius behind the donuts.  The secret is the 40 hour yeast dough. Yes, that’s right, each batch of dough is a 40 hour process and you can taste the difference. Olibollen, a specialty donut akin to a fluffy donut hole, is an old world Dutch treat considered to be the 1st donut ever made.  Brooke delved deep into the history of donut making and found the recipes and processes for this special dough and paired it with delicious toppings and flavors and Oliboli was born!

Photo Courtesy of Oliboli on Instagram

They also serve incredibly delicious organic conservatory coffees and espresso and leaves and flowers teas.  You can find Oliboli Donuts at 135 W. 1st Street #B in Tustin.  Check out their menu online HERE and follow them on Instagram for some seriously swoon worthy donut pics!