As a family that loves to travel, we are always looking for fun and exciting ways to introduce Little A to all the wondrous places around the world.  We watch You Tube videos of famous places, we study the globe she got for Christmas and, thanks to Disneyland, we love shouting out the names of famous landmarks on Soarin’ Around the World.  So when I stumbled upon Flying Kids Travel Guides on Instagram, I was immediately intrigued!   A travel guide specifically for kids?  I was in!

Since we are planning a trip to Germany later this year, I got the Kids Travel Guide Germany and the Kids Activity Book Europe.  Each travel guide is packed with information and activities.  From geography, history, culture and food, this book has it all.  I really love that the 1st pages are a travel diary where your child can personalize their guide and fill out all the information about their adventure.  There is even a section that teaches a few German words and phrases (which I totally butchered haha, we’ll save that section for Adam)

The Activity Book Europe is an excellent option for the littlest adventurers.  It’s a big coloring book featuring famous places all over Europe with fun facts, puzzles and games that lend to the fun of discovering new places. Little A has already pronounced that she will be coloring the “Niffel Tower” first!

I’m really excited to start reading our guide with Little A.  One of my favorite parts of planning a trip is pouring over maps and travel guides; getting excited for all the fun, new things we’ll experience.  Flying Kids is a great way to get kids involved in this process!  And they can be used as a learning tool too, even if you aren’t planning a trip.  There are 29 different guides to choose from, including 11 for the United States! If you have an upcoming trip or are looking for ways to introduce the world to your little one, go check out Flying Kids!!

Have a magical day!