World of Color is back and they’ve made some changes to the viewing areas.

So, what are your options for seeing World of Color?  There are four to choose from:

Dining Package at Carthay Circle or Wine Country Trattoria
World of Color Dessert Party
Fastpass Distribution – Yellow or Blue Section
Wing it and hope to find a spot elsewhere

Dining Packages and the Dessert Party are the easiest way to go.  You can book either of these 60 days out by calling Disney Dining at (714) 781-3463 or online at  The Dining Packages give you a sit down meal at your preferred restaurant and a paper pass allowing access to your restaurant’s assigned viewing area.  You can read more about them HERE as well as our review of the Wine Country Trattoria dining package HERE.

The viewing areas for these 2 restaurants have changed since 2018.  Carthay Circle’s viewing area is now further back on the 3rd tier.  I assume this is for two reasons. 1) you are less likely to get misted with water and 2) the elevated area gives you a more straight on, eye-level view of the show.

Wine Country Trattoria’s viewing area is now on the 2nd tier and we really enjoyed this spot.  You can get a spot close to the railing, but you are elevated above the front section so you have a better view of the projections.  We got a little damp standing here, but it was slightly windy.  I was worried Little A would start complaining about being cold if she got wet, but she didn’t seem to care.  I think this spot is better than Carthay’s because you are closer to the action.  You get so much more immersed in the lights and the water.  I loved it!

The World of Color Dessert Party is a little different.  There are tables setup in front of Paradise Bay where you can sit and enjoy World of Color while being served a delicious assortment of sweet and savory desserts and drinks.  Definitely the best of both worlds.  But it does come at a price. At $79 each person (No AP discounts or reduced pricing for kids) this is definitely a splurge in my book.  You can read more about this fun experience HERE.  The Dessert Party’s viewing area has not changed.  It is still on the 3rd tier, across from where the Carthay viewing area now is.

Your next option is to get a paper Fastpass for World of Color that allows you access to either the Yellow or Blue section.  Fastpasses are distributed next to The Little Mermaid, on the pathway leading to Grizzly River Run.  A Fastpass for World of Color is a “disconnected” pass which means that you can hold this Fastpass and it will not effect your other Fastpasses you might get throughout the day.  The Blue section is given out 1st, with the yellow section last.  If you are there on a day when there are 2 showings, the 1st show’s Blue and Yellow passes will be distributed first, followed by the 2nd show’s passes. If you want the Blue section, go straight there when the park opens.  If you’ve got your heart set on yellow, you can wait about an hour and get one then.  Don’t forget that you can always ask the cast member which pass is being distributed to make sure you get the one you want.  I really love the yellow section.  You can see the whole show  right in front of you.  The Blue section does provide a perfect view of the main projection, but the show covers the whole of Paradise Bay and Yellow allows you to see the whole thing right up close.  That being said, both are still really good so you won’t be disappointed no matter which section you get.  Keep in mind that if you choose a spot on the bottom tier, you will definitely get wet.  Lots of people wear ponchos up front and I don’t blame them.  If you have a Fastpass and want to be in the front row, arrive early.  People start coming in about 90 minutes before the show.

So, you’ve arrived at DCA late and all the Fastpasses are gone!  What do you do?  Well, I have answer for you!  90 minutes before the show, head to the bridge that takes you to Pixar Pier and park yourself on the rail.  This is great spot to watch and take pictures and you definitely will not get wet.  Some of the best pictures I’ve seen were taken here!  It has become really popular though so make sure to get there early.

Finally, it’s a little known fact that Lamplight Lounge is an equally amazing spot to watch the show.  You can either make a dining reservation (last seating is at 9:15pm) or you can go to the lounge which is walk-in only.  Either way, you can enjoy great food and great spot to view the show.  I prefer the lounge / bar area since it’s on the top floor.  You can see everything better from there.

Have you been to World of Color since it re-opened?  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?