Princess Dining at Disneyland is finally back! We were lucky enough to attend the soft opening yesterday and had the most magical time! I took a ton of pictures and have all the details so read on!

UPDATE: 4/13/19 – we had the opportunity to go back for a 2nd time this week and they’ve made some changes for the better! CLICK HERE to find out why we went back and what great things they’ve done since that 1st week!

I was so excited when Disney announced the Princess Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose. Disneyland has been without a Princess dining option since Ariel’s Grotto closed over a year ago. Napa Rose, located inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, has the most delicious food and I knew immediately that this was going to be an experience unlike any other.

We arrived at the Grand Californian 15 minutes before our reservation so we didn’t feel rushed. You will receive 5 hours of valet parking with your reservation so it’s super easy to get to Napa Rose and take your time at breakfast.

I kept this whole magical day a surprise from Little A. I’m so glad I did! Her face when she found out what we were doing was perfection! As soon as you arrive at Napa Rose, the littles are able to choose an autograph book and pen for their upcoming adventure. There are 2 options – a princess set and Mickey set (in case little brothers are tagging along). We were then escorted to the lounge where we played Rapunzel tic-tac-toe and sipped on complimentary champagne and sparkling apple cider. And, as if it couldn’t get more magical, the music playing throughout the restaurant was instrumental versions of each princesses song. Disney thinks of everything!

After we were seated at our table, the real magic began. Our “Adventure Guide” stopped by and let us know that he would be helping us along throughout the meal. If we needed someone to take pictures, or get anything for us, we should ask him. This was a really thoughtful touch. Almost immediately, Tiana made her way to our table. Little A was so excited! They talked like old friends! Tiana told her all about her cooking and trying new foods. Little A told her that she liked to cook too and talked about Tiana’s beautiful dress. It was really cute. Aurora was up next! Little A was especially excited about her because she just recently watched Sleeping Beauty for the 1st time. Now that she knows her story, she had all sorts of questions which Aurora happily answered. And again, I was surprised (and delighted) at the amount of time and attention that each princess paid to the little guests. It made it so much more special.

On to the food!! We started with a little tray on conchas served with lemon curd (amazing!) and our first course which was a tower of appetizers. Everything was presented beautifully and so delicious. There were Tiana’s beignets, Abu’s Banana Rolls – brulee banana wrapped in a crepe, Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride – chia pudding with edible flowers, Rapunzel’s Ham Sandwiches – ham with cream cheese topped with cranberry chutney and Ariel’s Lobster Rolls – so good, Little A devoured it.
We were also offered a specialty drink menu ( these drinks are not included in the price.) Little A chose the “Fearless Guardian” made with dragonfruit juice and I chose the “Still Royal After Midnight Mimosa” Both were delicious, but I do wish that at least one specialty drink was included in the price of your meal.

As soon as you are ready, you are invited to the buffet for the second course. There were so many options to choose. Fried Chicken & Mickey Waffles, Braised Short Ribs, scrambled eggs, the most delicious Bacon & Sausage ever, Fruit Skewers, little pots of the creamiest Mac N Cheese as well as Pork Sliders and roasted vegetables. Truly a buffet fit for a princess. There are also Vegan & Gluten Free options so they have something for everyone.
Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly eat any more, the most delightful third course was served – a tray of desserts themed after each princess! Princess cake pops (Belle & Aurora), Ariel’s Clam Shell Macaron, Mulan’s Firecracker Sorbet (with pop rocks cotton candy!), Pocahontas’ Peanut Butter Mousse and Belle’s Fruit Tart. Our server even managed to borrow Fairy Godmother’s wand and let Little A sprinkle pixie dust all over our desserts. And by “desserts” I mean all over the table haha.

Before we moved on from our table to the next part of our adventure, our Adventure Guide arrived and told Little A that the princesses would like to give her a gift! Her face lit up like the sun! A real gift from a real princess!!! She could choose either a special necklace or a sword and shield. I honestly thought there was no question she would choose the necklace, but she actually contemplated the shield for a solid 30 seconds haha It did look like fun! She was given a drawstring keepsake bag, a crown necklace with glimmering crystals and a box of Ariel truffles!

Our Adventure Guide then escorted us outside where 3 more princesses were waiting for us! We sat with Belle and had a story time, we learned the proper way to bow with Mulan and then we twirled our way to the Best Day Ever with Rapunzel. Each princess made sure to take their time with each child and really made the last part of our breakfast extra special!

So what does all this pixie dusted magic cost, you ask. A lot, actually! It is $125 per person for everyone ages 3 and up. (**See update below) There are no AP discounts either. I’ll admit, I was a little shocked at the price when I first went to book it. I thought long and hard about giving more of my hard earned money to the Mouse! But, I also knew that this would be an experience unlike any other in the Parks. This is the only princess dining experience at ANY Disney resort where you can meet up to 8 princesses in one place! And after being there and experiencing it, I can truly say that it was worth it! What sets it apart is the time each princess spends with you. It’s not just a quick hello, take a picture and sign your book. Little A had real conversations with everyone. Couple that with the amazing food and the magical touches that Disney does best, and I think it should not be missed. You would have to spend almost a full day inside Disneyland to meet each of these princesses in the wild and we did it in just under 2 hours! It was the perfect Mommy Daughter day! I DO believe there are a few kinks that need to be worked out. This is a new format for Disneyland and naturally there’s going to be some growing pains. But, I feel like if you wait a few weeks, they will have everything worked out and perfect. We will be going back in 2 weeks and I will be sure to report back!

**I got a really good question over on Instagram that I wanted to post here. She asked if non-paying children under 3 get the same gifts and experiences. The answer is yes and no. Of course they will be able to see all of the princesses as they come to your table. However, non-paying children will not receive the autograph book & pen set, they will not get the gift at the end, and they will need to share food from your plate. The 1st and 3rd courses are served with one food item for each paying person. So if there were 3 guests, but one under age 3, there would only be two of each appetizer/dessert and you would have to share. The 2nd course is a buffet so that would not be a problem to share. Thanks so much for asking great questions!

The Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure is offered Thursdays through Mondays from 8am to Noon and can booked online at Disneyland Dining Reservations or by calling 714-781-3463.

Have a Magical Day!